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Faculty Positions in Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


In order to meet the national demands and aim at international frontiers in the related areas,the Center for Agricultural Resources Research (CARR), Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of CAS,considering the particular agricultural needs of efficient utilization of water resources in North China Plain as well, has put stress on the following areas: plant physiology and ecology of drought tolerance, farmland water transfer and development of water saving technologies, agricultural water resource management and safety, molecular genetics and breeding for new cultivars with desired traits of water-saving, high quality and high yield.

CARR is seeking candidates for the positions of senior scientist with the title of "100-Talent Program" of CAS in the following research fields: sustainable use of agriculture water resources, crop breeding with high efficient water use, water cycle in farmland or regional level, control of nonpoint agricultural pollutions, ecosystem management, and remote sensing on regional water use and evaluation.

For the successful applicants, the following support will be provided:

Funding of RMB 2,000,000 Yuan by CAS based on merit evaluation; 

Funding of RMB 500,000 Yuan for research by CARR;

Funding of RMB 300,000 Yuan each year for group construction;

RMB 900,000 Yuan for apartment housing and 100,000 Yuan for family allowance;

About 100 m2 of laboratory space with sufficient experimental facilities by CARR;

200,000 Yuan basic annual salary (starting pay) and further additional achievements wages;

Help to resolve other individul problems (like job for spouse, school for children),

All other benefits provided by CARR.

The successful applicant must have:

A Ph.D. degree;

Chinese citizenship or would like to settle down in China;

More than three high-quality papers in prestigious international journals, or with important inventions, patents or key technologies;

At least three continuous years working experience abroad;

Demonstrated capacity to solve problems, carry on the development direction of the research field, work independently, be innovative and to achive advanced results;

Applicants are invited to submit a cover letter describing his/her interest of the position and pertinent experience, a curriculum vitae, two letters of recommendation, a list of publications, three representative full publications, and copies of the certificates of academic qualifications to:

Ms. Han Yibo



Email: ybhan@genetics.ac.cn

Website: http://www.sjziam.ac.cn/